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Nabel Martins is a Venezuelan designer specialized in enhancing the natural power of women and elevating it through each of her pieces. Born in Venezuela, daughter of a Portuguese immigrant father and a Venezuelan mother, she has been dedicated to the fashion world for more than 8 years, not only to dress, but to empower women.

As a designer, she has created a harmonious style between sophistication and avant-garde, combining the diversity of textures, colors and prints with the symmetry of the cuts, with the purpose of dressing contemporary women.

The Nabel Martins brand is on a mission to create timeless designs that harmonize the power, sensitivity and natural charm of women.


Our purpose is to dress confidently and enhance femininity over time. Through each of our designs and collections, we seek to bring harmony between power and sensitivity in the fashion industry in Latin America and redefine the message transmitted by clothing to a more conscious and personal one.

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